Vladimír Palička, prof. MD, CSc (CZ)

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Born 1946 in Prostejov, Czech Republic. Primary and secondary school. Palacky' University – Medical Faculty with M.D. degree in 1970. Working in medicine and clinical biochemistry. Ph.D. degree at Charles University in Prague in 1987, Associate Professor in Biochemistry 1990, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine 2000, Full-Professor of Internal Medicine 2001. Doctor Honoris Causa since 2008. Specialised in Clinical Biochemistry, Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Clinical Osteology. Since 1984 working in University Hospital and Medical Faculty, Charles’ University in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic.

Dean of School of Medicine of the Charles University Prague in Hradec Kralove 2003–2010, now Vice-Dean
Head of the Institute for Clinical Biochemistry and Diagnostics
Head of the Osteocentre, University Hospital

Scientific Societies:
AMSE (Association of Medical Schools in Europe), Executive Board Member
Executive Vice-President of the Czech Medical Association
President of the Czech Society for Metabolic Bone Diseases
Honorary President of the Czech Society for Clinical Biochemistry
American Association of Clinical Chemistry (USA) – member
European Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ESPEN) – member

Past positions:
Vice-President of the Executive Board of IFCC (International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine) 2006–2008
President of the Federation of European Societies of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine 1995–2001

Scientific Committees:
Scientific Committee Ministry of Health – chairman
Scientific Committee of the Medical Faculty, Charles University – member
Scientific Committee of Palacky’ University, Olomouc, CZ – member
Scientific Committee of Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University – member

Editorial (and Advisory) Boards of the Journals:
Annals of Clinical Biochemistry (UK)
Biochemia Medica (Croatia)
Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (G)
Journal of Pediatric Biochemistry (Turkey)
Klinicka biochemie a metabolismus (Czech)
Osteologicky Bulletin (Czech)
Remedia (Czech)
Revista del Laboratorio Clínico (Spain)
Revista Romana de Medecina de Laborator (Romania)
and some others Scientific Journals.

Member of many scientific committees of the International Congresses in the field of Clinical Chemistry and/or Osteology.
Up to now published more than original 400 articles and presented more than 1.000 lectures.
Oriented mostly to the metabolic diseases, clinical biochemistry of diabetes mellitus, clinical biochemistry in intensive care and in the last time in metabolic bone diseases.