Olga Růžičková, MD (CZ)

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Address: Nový lesík 998/5
162 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic
Tel./Fax: (00420)(02)20611799

1985 – 1989 Jan Keplers High School, Prague, Czech Republic
Graduated from Jan Keplers High School, Prague, CR
1989 –1996 Charles University, Faculty of Medicine I, Prague, CR
1996 Graduated from Faculty of Medicine I, Charles University, Prague, CR
Passed degree examinations, obtained a title of MD

05/19/2000 Passed specialist postgraduate examinations with special attention to internal medicine
24/11/2006 Passed specialist postgraduate examinations with special attention to revmatology

Since VIII/2000 Research Institute of Rheumatology, Prague, Czech Republic
- in charge of a bed ward of the General Rheumatological Department, Osteocentrum
1997 –1999 Teaching Hospital of Královské Vinohrady, Internal Medicine Clinic II

  • position of a house physician at the Cardiology, Diabetology, Gastroenterology and Pneumology Ward
    • reception of patients at the Emergency Ward

    1996 –1997 Hospital and Health Center, Česká Lípa, CR

    • Internal Medicine Department
    • position of house physician at a standard Cardiology and General Internal Medicine Ward and at a metabolism intensive care unit


    1997 –1999 Educational stays within the THKV, Internal Medicine Clinic II, Prague, CR

    • Clinic of Haematology – 2 months

      work at the Emergency Ward

      taking samples

      unaided execution of sterna punctures and trepanobiopsy

      internship at a lab of morphology, haemocongealing and

      standardization of imunophenotypes

      work at abed ward

      work at a transplant unit

    • Clinic of Surgery – 3 months

    work at a various bed wards, intensive care units and surgery wards of the Clinic

    distinctive diagnostics of surgery diseases

    work at a specialized endoscopic establishment

    surgery assistance

    • Educational stay at The Teaching Hospital of Bulovka – Clinic of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery – 2 months

    distinctive diagnostics of pulmonary diseases at specialized establishments ( bronchology, functional diagnostics lab, cytology, pneumology)