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Roman Lorenc, prof. MD, PhD (PL)
Epidemiology, Mortality and Morbidity in Osteoporosis

Zdenko Killinger, MD, PhD (SK)
Importance of Densitometry in the Diagnosis of Osteoporosis

Ardis Platkajis, prof. MD (LV)
Importance of X-ray, CT, MR in the diagnosis of Osteoporosis

Vladimír Palička, prof. MD, CSc (CZ)
Importance of bone markers in the diagnosis and treatement monitoring of Osteoporosis

Tomáš Doležal, prof. MD, PhD (CZ)
Pharmacoeconomics of osteoporosis and prevention

Juraj Payer, prof. MD, CSc (SK)
Risendronate in osteoporosis therapy

Yeşim Gökçe Kutsal, prof. MD (Turkey)
Management of osteoporosis in Turkey

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