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8th IFCA Prague, 24th – 25th APRIL 2015

24th April 2015   Chairman: Prof. Juraj Payer, MD, PhD, FRCP (SK), Michael Fanta, MD, PhD (CZ)
09:00 Opening ceremony Prof. Juraj Payer, MD, PhD, FRCP (SK), Michael Fanta, MD, PhD (CZ)
Block I Bone Health in Women  
09:20 Osteoporosis of Postmenopausal Women:Whom,Why and How diagnose and treat Prof. Roman Lorenc, MD, PhD (PL)
09:50 Current guidelines for the management of osteoporosis Prof. Juraj Payer, MD, PhD, FRCP (SK)
10:30 Break  
11:00 The (Clinical) Diagnosis of Osteoporosis Prof. Gerold Holzer, MD, PhD (AT)
11:30 The future of osteoporosis treatment Prof. Heinrich Resch, MD (AT)
12:00 Discussion  
12:30 Break  
Block II Women health Chairman: Michael Fanta, MD, PhD (CZ)
13:30 Perimenopause and contraception Michael Fanta, MD, PhD (CZ)
14:00 Ultrasound and differential diagnosis of ovarian masses Daniela Fischerová, MD, PhD (CZ)
15:00 Break  
15:30 Women's Health Roundtable Michael Fanta, MD, PhD (CZ), Prof. Juraj Payer, MD, PhD (SK), Daniela Fischerová, MD, PhD (CZ)
16:00 End of the first day  
25th April 2015
Block III Bone/Women Health Chairman: Michael Fanta, MD, PhD (CZ)
09:00 Oral Contraceptive Practice Guidelines Prof. Angelo Cagnacci, MD, PhD (IT)
09:30 Postmenopausal women's health Prof. Sven O. Skouby, MD, DSc.(DK)
10:00 Break  
10:20 Cost-effectiveness of osteoporosis treatment Jana Skoupá, MD, MBA (CZ)
10:50 Bone anabolic therapies in Osteoporosis Prof. Jan Štěpán, MD, DMSc. (CZ)
11:20 Discussion  
12:00 End of the second day  

Working languages: The meeting will be conducted in English.